Woodshed – Henhouse

Woodshed – Henhouse

Åsliden, Sweden

Summer project, 2017 - 2018

SundinLien Architects

Due to the heavy snow in the winter of 2014, the old barn standing on this farm in northern Sweden collapsed. To save what was left of the ruin, with a beautiful stonewall in the front and a stable concrete wall in the back, the family wanted to build a wood storage together with a hen house for 5-7 chickens in the back.

The existing concrete slab, where the cows used to stand when it was still a barn, was too destroyed by the weather and the collapse of the building, so we first needed to cast a complete new concrete slab on top of the old one on the stone wall. We additionally secured some of the stones in the eastern part with iron bars to avoid the wall falling apart further.

The woodshed part of the building will stay uninsolated with a simple wooden frame construction and a traditional standing wooden panel, enveloping the existing concrete wall to the back.

The henhouse needs insulation to keep the hens laying eggs all year around. Behind the house there will be a simple chicken wire hen-run.

The main door will be a sliding door hanged on the inside, with the same wooden cladding as the facade. On top of the wood-frame construction lays eight pre-manufactured trusses to support the metal coloured tin roofing.

The project will experiment with natural ventilation for the wood shed, with perforation or overlapping of the facade planks. This will also decorate the shed as a crown on the higher part.

The project is to be found in the small village of Åsliden in northern Sweden.