Skiberg Ski Jump

Skiberg Ski Jump


Feasibility study, 2016

SundinLien Architects

Skiberg is an initiative that presents the world's first indoors ski jump stadium. The sport is often suffering from uneven and difficult weather conditions. This is problematic since it gives the athletes’ unfair results and the audience a bad experience.

The ski jump will be located in central eastern Norway and built as a glacier placed on the slope of a mountain. The start, inrun and take-off will consist of a solid concrete base, depending on the shape of the mountain. This can either lie on top of or be cut down into the mountain slope and be covered with a light wood-glass construction.

The  knoll and the stopping area as well as the oval spectator stadium, shaped as an amphitheatre, is thought to be sunk down in the earth, covered with a enormous light wood-glass construction to shelter the audience.     

The aim with this project is to give the jumping sport a spectacular monument that propels Norway and the ski jumping sport into the future.