Pavilion Scenery

Pavilion Scenery

Gl Holtegaard, Denmark

Competition, 2016

SundinLien Architects

In our pavilion we have chosen to work with the fold and the highlighted perspective by creating a tower. As the tower diminishes upwards toward the sky, you get an impression that the tower is taller than it really is.

The tower is located relatively far behind the garden. To get a good overview of all the decorative elements of the garden: embroidery arteries, archways, fountains, fruit trees and statues. To reinforce the scenery, the pavilion is located between the two existing pavilions, Orangery and Menagerie, with the viewing plateau facing the main building.

The tower has a clear open entrance to the west and towards the main building. The idea is to to make it an experience on your own. Inside the tower it is dark. A dynamic spiral staircase rises towards the light. Here too, the perspective plays a big part in the fact that the tower is decreasing in size upwards, and the tower feels taller than it really is.

The movement up through the tower can be seen as a reference to the surprise moment in the baroque architecture with narrow streets that suddenly opens up into larger urban spaces.

The tower is built with a self-supporting wooden structure of stacked cylinders. As a fa├žade element, we are using curved plywood plates of birch - an interpretation of the colossal pilasters that in baroque architecture can extend over several floors, thereby articulating the verticality of the Baroque facade. These plates are attached to the inner ring structure with visible birch legumes.

The spiral-shaped wooden/metal staircase is attached to the surrounding structure with steel brackets at each new circle element.