Pavilion Kongens Have

Pavilion Kongens Have

Copenhagen, Denmark

Competition, 2016

SundinLien Architects

The competition assignment was to design a temporary wooden pavilion in the King’s Garden, in the city centre of Copenhagen, using only plywood plates and wooden studs. We decided to create a roof structure to allow as many different activities as possible underneath.

Triangular plywood plates are placed on top of an orthogonal grid, in some areas more closed and some more open, to create different areas under the roof structure. This gives the illusion of leaves on a pergola, or birds on their way to fly off.

The roof structure is an amorphous shape. As a temporary structure, in contrast to the Renaissance style of the garden, it connects more

with the flowerbeds and the living plants than the strictness of the existing garden.

Underneath the roof structure some of the vertical joints in the grid, are extended down and used as pillars. The pillars are placed in a random way for stabilisation of the roof and also for the possibility of different uses. In the area closer to the nearby café is an area for outdoor seating, in the middle there is a stage area and in the northeast part a play area for the kids.