Neckarstrasse 21–22

Neckarstrasse 21–22

Berlin, Germany

Apartment renovation, 2017

SundinLien Architects

In the old worker accomodation from the Berliner Kindl brewery in the heart of Neukölln, we were in charge of two apartment renovations in the same building.

The first one, for a young Danish singer, included a complete new bathroom covered in classic white 15x15 cm tiles for a traditional appearance and a new kitchen with hard oak countertop and long oak shelves above. In true scandinavian style, all the walls and ceilings were painted white together with the new sanded and then lacquered wooden floors.

In the second apartment, for a young Dutch start-up founder, the main challange was to get light into the apartment.

The evening light from the kitchen window was never reaching the living room area. To solve this, we decided to demolish two of the main separation walls and mananged not only to get a big open living room with different zonings, but also an open kitchen space. By demolishing the wall between kitchen and corridor we even took advantage of the extra square metres from the corridor. 

Also here we decided on white walls, original grey door details, birch kitchentop and a bathroom with white 15x15 cm wall tiles together with dark grey 15x15 cm floor tiles .