Namelis Module House


Module housing from Lithuania

Production start - 2017

SundinLien Architects

in collaboration with Greater Scandinavia

Namelis is a natural and eco-friendly wooden modular house from the beautiful forests of Lithuania. The modules are sized after a European ISO container and can therefore easily be ordered and custom-made online, produced, and then shipped all over Europe. Namelis comes as a pre-made product lifted on plinths placed on the location of your choice.


Namelis starts with a base module of 12 m2 and a built-in kitchen and bathroom. An add-on roof can be placed on top for extra ceiling height and one or two sleeping lofts for better utilisation of the space. Several modules can also easily be connected, with or without the extra roof and with or without kitchen and bathroom; therefore there is the possibility for a large number of combinations, creating a building customised for your site and your needs. Apart from leisure houses, other uses could be: smaller and bigger office spaces, cabin villages, courtyard and rooftop extensions as well as cabins for allotment plots.

More info about the project will follow soon.