Duved 5 – Housing Project

Duved 5 – Housing Project

Jämtland, Sweden

Ongoing project 2019

Elisabet Sundin Architecture

Duved 5 is developing an innovative, sustainable and cost-effective housing construction. It is based on a meeting of five selected architects, the local construction industry in Jämtland, Sweden and housing developers. Architects Farshid Moussavi, Mia Hägg, Carmen Izquierdo, Shide Shaygan and Elisabet Sundin have been invited to develop each one whouse according to the existing local zoning plan.

The houses are about 200 m2 in two floors of 10 x 10 m of ground space. The prototype is being built in Duved, Sweden and will then be able to move into serial construction as part of developing new products for the Swedish housing market.

My house is based on the historical twin house with origins from this part of Sweden, having a central long space and circulation in the middle with rooms on each side warmed up by two chimney shafts.

Translated to a modern way of living I am introducing a housing type with communal social spaces in the middle and 8 private mini-apartments spread out on the two floors. In the central space you will find functions as kitchen, sauna, media space and entrance/storage.

The project is currently waiting for building permit.