DSG – Creative Space

DSG – Creative Space

Berlin, Germany

Feasability study, 2017

SundinLien Architects

The DSG - Deutsch Skandinavische Gemeinschaftsschule in Berlin wants to be a vitrine for the Scandinavian teaching system in Germany and needs to follow the fast progress of the Scandinavian elementary schools. Some ways to achieve this is by implementing new work methods, new possibilities for collaborations and digital solutions supporting the pedagogical access the Scandinavian schools are using today.

The project is to transform three locations of the school for creative purposes, generating spaces that can be used flexible for the daily schooling, workshops and after school programs. The affected areas are two classrooms and a bigger circulation area.

The circulation area would be used for bigger assemblies and presentations, with a big projector wall together with a acoustically sealed computer room, for possible editing and IT use.

The bigger classroom would be used for arts and workshops with focus on painting and working with your hands.

The smaller classroom would be a makerspace where students will use  mathematics and science to create and solve problems.

We are proposing a wall system in pine wood that will have different functions, from being storage along the walls to a bench used for working along the white projection wall and windows.

In the bigger room - the art space - workstations on weels are neatly kept in the wall and can easily be folded out as big tables and placed in the room as islands to work by. The proposal is making it possible for different types of creative activities and a flexible work process.

In the makerspace the wall system will include maker-stations where you can fold out acoustic walls surrounding your desk for editing, recording podcasts or simply get a place to focus. It will also contain sewing machines and a 3D printer. One of the walls will be painted as a green screen for filming. In both rooms some of the walls will be painted with magnetic paint for exibiting the art work which is getting produced.