Bicycle Hotels

Bicycle Hotels

Oslo & Bærum, Norway

Competition, 2017

SundinLien Architects

As a part of the Norwegian initiative FutureBuilt, a competition of a modular system for bicycle hotels in different locations in Oslo, was issued. The bicycle hotel is a modular system that can function as an individual freestanding building or placed within existing structures.

Our system is an organic shaped wood lamella wall consisting of modular segments of 4-8 meters that can be mirrored and placed next to each to create a wavy wall with a distinct character. The corner modules of the elongated shape are the only unique parts that adapt their shape after each given situation.

The wavy wall straightens out towards the short sides, around two precast iron double doors, one in each end, decorated in a pattern found in the curve of the lamella.

When constructed as a freestanding bicycle hotel, photovoltaic and if possible, sedum will be placed on the roof. Using lamellas gives a transparency and recognition, which is both inviting and gives a safe environment for its users functioning against vandalism. In between 4 or 5 lamellas a simple cylinder shaped lamp is placed in different heights to give a playful expression.